Tuesday, November 19, 2019

KLW Darkens Black Too Far For Detroit!

KLW's Epic Lacquer Logo in "None More" black.
Detroit Schmatta: black?
Radio was meant to traverse the lacquer-black night through a mysterious substance called ether. What other magical medium could launch Orson Welles' career? Imagine the electric grandeur of his live radio stage in a city known as Radio City, manned by tuxedo clad performers, musicians and engineers no one would ever see. Aural top hats, tails and spats. Hey, there's "Sparks," resplendent at the huge console's controls. Today, for those who still dream of radio grandeur, the internet and bland-as-bran fiber optic cables are all we got. Enter radio station KLW. For apparel, we're dressing down. But our incompetent Detroit Tee-shmatta factory can't get the black BLACK enough to match our "None-More" black epic lacquer logo. We'll figure it out. 
Resplendent Sparks

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