Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Retro SCOTTSO Back for Seconds

Retro SCOTTSO and a friend named Glen.... broadcasting from their comfort zone.

He curates the finest rock archive on both sides of the veil. KLW celebrity Dead-J Retro SCOTTSO returns to stuff yer cornucopia chock full o' Hookey Dookie. And music. Feel free to email him with requests, live-threats and questions about etiquette in a post-radio world: 

But wait, there's more! The KILLERWATT's Time Traveling Movie Reviewer returns from bygone eras to make you remember fliks like you actually saw them in a theater, seated in the smoking section. This week, Mike emerges from a dumpster in the alley next to a theater near you and screens Midnight Cowboy. Don't tie up your landline, Mike Ford's review is coming-in direct from the Loews' lobby phone booth.

KLW's Mike Ford contemplates the power of flik.

Friday, November 6, 2020

WASTED Smokes Airwaves, BBQs Studio Speakers

Ne'er-do-well Dave WASTED mugging at the charred KLW microphone for a recent publicity shot.

KILLERWATT Super-Jockey WASTED's Rampage:

After completing his airshift, Dave WASTED exited KLW's fabled Brooklyn studios on Signal Hill and placed an anonymous call to Chief Engineer Sid Walker: "First off, the big speakers got a bit buzzy, then they went out on permanent smoko," said the poorly disguised voice on the phone, according to Walker, who arrived to witness smoke pouring from the transmitter shed and the charred remains of loudspeakers in Control Room A.

Apparently, WASTED's own musical selections stirred the debonair super-jockey to crank-up KLW's big volume knob beyond reason. Yet, as the smoke rose in Brooklyn, that very broadcast was being taped by an Icelandic fan listening-in on his mom's Grundig console radio. Kristj√°n Gunnarsson recorded the program on open-reel tape which he lovingly packed, then mailed to the station as an aircheck, a proof of reception, and the KILLERWATT offers you a faithful transcription of that actual sound recording here, to tickle your twittering eardrums. Use the Soundcloud player above.

Walker, leading KLW's Engineering Department, quickly substituted Control Room A's toasted Altec Voice of the Theater sound monitors with a stack of fresh industrial strength Klipsch horn speakers. "When I entered the hazy, smoke filled room," says Walker, "My eyes started to tear and I can only describe the smell as burning weasel fur."

The KILLERWATT's transmitter shed on Signal Hill, Brooklyn, still functional. Inset: KLW's Engineering Dept. now hangs brisket inside.