Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Desperately Seeking Cheese Sprayer

Harold Rashmusher Sr. (#4) inaugurating KLW sponsor Easy Cheese outside the Signal Hill, Brooklyn transmitter building in 1921. Other notables in attendance: #1: David Sarnoff, #2: Albert Einstein, #3: Nicola Tesla.
The KILLERWATT knows you're stocking up on sprayable junk food for the long holiday. Soon enough, your fancy-ass tear-stained pink leather-bound journal will describe it as a "lost holiday weekend like no other ... a horror ... with one exception, the music was impossibly grand!" So play KLW out that boombox you got off Ebay, replete with fleas and shipping damage. Loud.

Before we forget, Conflamed Media Global, parent company of the KILLERWATT, is hiring. But seriously, folks ... join the greatest station on the banks of the Gowanus Canal. Radio fanatics should send their curriculum vitae to KLW Program Director Vin CYCLONE.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Alice Drummer Smith Chats-Up SCOTTSO

Neal Smith (holding statuette) inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with fellow members of Alice Cooper, including "sixth Alice," KILLERWATT shlock jock Retro Scottso.

Tonight, Retro SCOTTSO chats with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer, original member of Alice Cooper, and long time pal of the KILLERWATT, Neal SMITH. They'll shoot the breeze and play a bunch of mind-blowing tracks. Your rock and roll integrity's about to get elevated!

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Monday, June 7, 2021

Surrender. Noel Has Control of the Airwaves

Noel at the Controls pictured on the Baked Goods label 7 inch; "Noel Ford" by HEAP b/w: "Big Peach" by Boris. Illustration by ?. You'll hear both cuts, tonight.
The KILLERWATT proudly presents the return of Noel at the Controls. Don't let that angelic look fool you. He's got certain records. We've got alleged illegal transmitter power. Together, we'll scorch the atmosphere -- and with your permission -- yer earsockets, too. Nah, we don't ask permission. 

Hear Clear Light, Little Feat, Hawkwind, HEAP, It's a Beautiful Day, Roky Erickson, Boris, Genesis, Groundhogs, John Lennon...and much more.

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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Don't Trust Teenager, Sez Wise DJ

Otoboke Beaver

Tonight's Tokyo Triple made Vin CYCLONE cry. Not from The TIVA's yearning to "Go Back Our Home," nor from Utada's gorgeous, melancholy, fervent wish for "One Last Kiss." Instead, CYCLONE was brought to tears -- and his knees -- by OTOBOKE BEAVER's incessant exclamation, "I hate you." Hey, a night time disc jockey takes his music to heart. But we know you'll enjoy tonight's slap and tickle featuring an eclectic group of Japanese artists.

The Tokyo Triple is a feature of Vin CYCLONE's night time cavalcade of subliminal messages, The POWER HOUR, heard exclusively on KLW the KILLERWATT. To hear the full program this episode of the Tokyo Triple was taken from, click here.

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Artists on Tonight's Broadcast:


Monkey Majik

The Tiva

Otoboke Beaver/photo Jumei Yamada

Zone of Control (ZOC)