Saturday, March 18, 2023

Bobby ROBERTO Presents: It's Real Life

Lichen. . . or...something . . . A sticky, living glaze, unevenly distributed throughout these subterranean, almost forgotten passages. Dankness is part of their charm. Image art-directed by Joel Iskowitz.

Master of mystery, fantasy, macabre and spooky weirdness, Bobby ROBERTO tells another tale of scary radio station woe. What’s cued-up? A beloved Beatles song. Heard in a parallel time. Not in the past, not to-come. A different now ... broadcasting tonight, on Bobby ROBERTO Presents. Click the player above to listen.

Tonight's production of Paul Levinson's short story, "It's Real Life," was adapted for audio by Vincent Tese, and features music from the Beatles and Levinson himself (see credits below.) Plus "actual sound" taken from the almost forgotten, arcane web of tunnels laid out beneath Fordham University. Intrigued? Turn down the lights, fire-up your radio's vacuum tubes and take a solitary walk through those echoey, dank, subterranean passageways .... brought to you exclusively by the KILLERWATT, New York's radio beacon on the chromium plated, viscous, toxic shores of the Gowanus Canal

Stay tuned for Bobby's interview of Paul Levinson at the conclusion of "It's Real Life." They play DJ and spin complete versions of the tunes heard in the piece.

Surprise! New York City radio fans will note the appearance of two beloved disc jockeys* played by the Bobby ROBERTO Presents Players.

Special thanks to Anne Reburn, who delivers a gorgeous performance of the Beatles "Real Love." Check her YouTube channel for more amazing music covers and originals.

The Players (in order of appearance)

Pete Fornatale*: Paul Levinson

Conductor: Melissa Mania
Lead Busker: Eve Taylor

Busker #2: Melissa Mania
Barista: Tiny Izzy
Jennifer: Tina Vozick
and featuring Brian Lindgren as Dennis Elsas*

The Music:
"Yes It Is" performed by The Bangles on Breakfast with the Beatles (used with permission of Breakfast with the Beatles) words and music by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

"Real Love" performed by Anne Reburn, vocals, accompanied by Bill Smallacombe on guitar and Vin CYCLONE on tambourine. Words and music by John Lennon.

"If I Traveled to the Past" sung by Spencer
Hannabus (check his band, The 286, on YouTube, here), words by Paul Levinson, music by John Anealio. Produced by Chris Hoisington in Old Bear Studios (guitar, mellotron, and effects by Jeremy Thompson, drums by Steven Padin, accordion by Don Frankel)

Music motifs and underscoring: Acoustic guitar by Bobby ROBERTO; Electronics by Vincent Tese.

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Friday, March 10, 2023

NOEL Plays in a Nitzsche Market

Radio never traveled so well. NOEL at the Controls.

NOEL's back at the controls. Click the player above.

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Monday, February 27, 2023

No More Waiting For the Indie Man

Retro SCOTTSO touts INDIE artists.

KILLERWATT's indie-man in-demand returns to tighten up your new music jonesing!

Send requests in the comments below. Indie bands should contact Retro SCOTTSO here.

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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Mel's XMAS Mixtape

This holiday season, give the gift of radio!

Good things come in small packages. Like that little radio Melissa's holding. It's tuned-in to the hottest Christmas show west of the Gowanus Canal. No saccharine-sweet Christmas fare ... KILLERWATT got the good stuff. 

Requests welcome in the comments below.

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Sunday, December 18, 2022

NOEL's Urban Americana and More

Familiar Faces throughout the urban American soundscape.

Relax, Noel's at the Controls. Click the player above.

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Monday, December 5, 2022

Scrooge Makes MIXTAPES

Melissa racking tape in KLW's Signal Hill Brooklyn memorial Studio SCOTTSO.

All your mixtapes jammed?! Not coordinated enough to spool-up spilled polyester? Hey, Melissa's got yer mixtape, ova heere.... Direct from the KILLERWATT, New York's radio beacon on the silver and gold plated, viscous shores of the Gowanus Canal

Oh, and this...Screw your holiday drive through Dyker Heights to see the lights! Signal Hill, Brooklyn never looked, smelled, nor sounded better. Steal a kayak and pack a transistor radio. Happy holidays, you freaks.

Requests welcome in the comments below.

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