Tuesday, December 28, 2021

NOEL Controls Radios Texas to Timbuktu

If you know HIWATT, then you know NOEL.

NOEL at the Controls pours bleach in your fish tank while you're out tripping at the anthill. It's a Texas thing...the anthill part. 

Hear Blue Cheer, Wishbone Ash, The Weeds, Dead Moon, Country Joe and the Fish, Traffic, Josefus, 13th Floor Elevators, Roy Head and the Great Believers, Moby Grape, Faces, Kim Gordon and J Mascis...and more....

Tonight's program is dedicated to the memory of Molly Fitch. Celebrate her New York story on Marco North's podcast, Songbird.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Retro SCOTTSO Re-Gifts a Mother-Load of Songs

Retro SCOTTSO sports the t-shirt he printed-up himself.

KLW's Retro SCOTTSO's got a mother-load of holiday cheer. Maybe too much "cheer." Honestly, we couldn't understand why the venerable Dead-Jay's holiday program isn't much of a Christmas slosh fest, but rather a shout-out to mommies dearest and otherwise. Confused, we consulted the KILLERWATT's resident psychologist, Dr. Aakash Balasubramanian, host of "Swinging with the Balasubramanians" (Sundays, 5-7AM,) who informed us that, "Mr. SCOTTSO apparently suffers from seasonal affective disorder, stemming from a separation anxiety disorder. In layman's terms, Mr. SCOTTSO substituted holiday blues with mother issues. An interesting case. From a clinical perspective. Especially considering he's not really alive." There ya go!

Now that we got that cleared up, we can enjoy Retro SCOTTSO's usual beautifully curated and presented music program!

Oh, and not to forget, another prescient edition of Things From Indie. Get clued-in to new bands before they break!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

CYCLONE Heists 300 Million Japanese Platters

BiS takes-on Thee Michelle Gun Elephant's "Smokin' Billy"

While we all can't pull-off a 300 million yen heist and live happily ever after, some might take comfort in the realization that smoking IS an oral fixation and alt. idol group BiS (pronounced bee-su) has provided documentation. See and hear a live performance of the original by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant here.

Tokyoer Vin CYCLONE lays-out the back story to Sakanaction's mega-hit, "Sayonara wa Emotion." Here's the funny commercial that started it all. No one knows how long they have on Earth, so "why not do it now!"

Tonight's Tokyo Triple is dedicated to all the ronin, everywhere.

Listen to the complete POWER HOUR this edition of the Tokyo Triple was excerpted from here.

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Artists heard on tonight's Tokyo Triple:

Chelmico, "300 Million Yen"

Neo Trees from alt. idol group, BiS, "Smokin' Billy"

Nemophila, "Detroit Rock City"

Scandal, "One More Time"

Sakanaction, "Sayonara wa Emotion - Goodbye"

Monday, December 13, 2021

CYCLONE Bumps Deep Into the Night

KLW's Mr. Experience, Vin CYCLONE, appearing in a 1990 print ad for the one and only, SONY.

Vin CYCLONE's your boogie man. He's got the soundtrack to your dark, treacherous, lawless night. But that's not all. There's KLW's new contest, KILLERWATT KA$H. Play along. Write your answer in the comments below to win big-yen just in time for the holidays!

Then there's the Blackout Tapes Part Three...Plus an all new Tokyo Triple you gotta hear.

Find out what kind of okonomiyaki delivery Chad and Vin eat from restaurant Kizi.

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