Tuesday, June 30, 2020

So That's How the Sausage Is Made

Gulf & Western Bldg., Conflamed-Media Global's HQ, where the KILLERWATT was born.
Inset: Rashmusher greets his magnificent night jockey.

Meet Mr. Rashmusher, CEO of Conflamed-Media Global -- a radio station megalopoly, parent company of the KILLERWATT. This morning at precisely 9AM, night-time radio-jockey Vin CYCLONE enters that singular top floor corner office pitching a new feature, the TOKYO TRIPLE. "Three or more Japanese platters I partake...," CYCLONE may get no further. Mr. Rashmusher has little time for complete sentences. Hopefully, Japanophiles will finally have their musical psycho-sexual obsession satisfied from a station worth getting all otaku about. Three or more Japanese tunes in a row! Will Mr. Rashmusher bite? And what about his prostate? KLW revival film reviewer -- and time traveler -- Mike Ford is Rashmusher...give a listen.