Monday, April 19, 2021

Texas Road Trip, Noel's Convertible, Tonight

KLW's Noel at the Controls somewhere in Oslo, on the global gig highway.

On the outskirts, anywhere in Texas, there are radio towers. The Summer heat gets goosed up a notch by megawatt powered AM radio flamethrowers. You can hear them detected in a chain-link fence. Or your bed-springs. The cool night brings distant stations, too. That's when radio fans, even in music rich Texas, tune into their native son coming in loud and clear from Signal Hill, Brooklyn. Tonight's show features a wild Texas ride in a convertible at night, AM radio blasting, with Noel at the Controls. Hear Space Opera, 13th Floor Elevators, Bubble Puppy, Demian, Joe Ely, Roky Erickson, The Red Crayola, Electromagnets, ZZ Top and more, on the KILLERWATT!

Monday, April 12, 2021

Meet Bobby ROBERTO, Voice of the KILLERWATT

Three things KLW requires: Beer, dirty water dogs and The Voice of the KILLERWATT.
He's been the Voice of the KILLERWATT since 1972. Truckers pushing big rigs down the inter-slab hear one syllable of Bobby's voice identifying the station, and they know they are pointed toward New York City. Bobby IS the brand!

Before Mr. Rashmusher (CEO of Conflamed Media Global, owners of the KILLERWATT) coaxed ROBERTO to join CMG's flagship station, Bobby was flirting with dozens of stations up and down the Pacific coast. Long hair, psychedelics, living on the beach and getting around on a BSA 650 Lightning motorcycle suited him. But he didn't realize his degenerate music jockey days were about to end. 

It was during an airshift at Mexican border-blaster radio station XERB that ROBERTO received a cryptic telegram from Rashmusher: "I can't believe you do not have a phone. Who doesn't have a phone? Who lives on the beach? You're a wild one Mr. Robert. My nephew said I should hire you." The message ended there.

Without thinking twice, Bobby said thanks to Wolfman Jack for giving him his start in the business, then rolled eastward, carrying only a sleeping bag, lashed to his handlebars. Helloooo New York! He's been radiating from Signal Hill, Brooklyn, ever since.

Enjoy a few examples of Bobby's recent work for the KILLERWATT. Special guest, Mike FORD, KLW's Time Traveling Movie Reviewer. He's another story....

Monday, April 5, 2021

Retro SCOTTSO Bends the Needle, Slings Covers

Master of Modulation Retro SCOTTSO slings discs at our vintage Signal Hill valve console.
KLW's Retro SCOTTSO conjures Covers and Other Strangers like a guttural radio prestidigitator transmitting from a record vault six feet under. Phenominal sonic delights and radio refreshments are served to your unworthy ears by the Master of Modulation, Retro SCOTTSO, exclusively, on the KILLERWATT!

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