Sunday, November 28, 2021

NOEL Opens New York Rock Floodgates

NOEL at the Controls emanating from the region known as the Gowanus Canal Superfund site on Signal Hill, Brooklyn...New York City.

Heavy, viscous, metal-laden waters creep through the Gowanus Canal, slowly rounding the KILLERWATT's historic transmitter site on Signal Hill. We don't mind at all. Chief Engineer Sid Walker puts it this way, "The highly conductive, liquid-metallic waterway acts like a reflector, helping launch KLW's 50,000 watts of power far afield. It's just a matter of physics." 

NOEL at the Controls takes full advantage of New York City's lax stance on industrial pollution. He's radiating a coal powered, chromium plated, tungsten fired broadcast ... tonight, featuring songs from the carcinogenic Concrete Jungle we call home, N-Y-C. How'ya'doin'?!

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Saturday, November 20, 2021


Super Jockey Dave WASTED mugging in front of the KILLERWATT's well manicured Signal Hill, Brooklyn transmitter/studio site.

Dave WASTED likens the KILLERWATT's scenic broadcast facility on the shores of the Gowanus Canal to another vaunted New York City Rock benchmark, CBGB. The best sound in the business coupled with magnificent latrines. What else would a punk need?

Tonight's white glove broadcast features irascible WASTED flinging punk platters like there's no tomorrow. So live fast and some point....

Hear IDLES, Amyl and the Sniffers, Viagra Boys, The Nips 'n' Nipple Erectors, Newtown Neurotics, The Molotov Cocktails, Circle Jerks, OFF!, Mad Mulligans, The Stooges, Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, Dead Kennedys, CHAIN WHIP, EyeHateGod, The Meatmen, Dwarves, Liquids, Modest Mouse, Electric Eels, Morphine...and many more!

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Monday, November 1, 2021

SCOTTSO Deals Songs Like Shots

Venerable dead-jay Retro SCOTTSO lines 'em up for the after show party in KLW's legendary record library.

Retro SCOTTSO's personal assistant is unexpectedly out of town, so who'll sneak the Scotch in his coffee? Well, it's gonna take a lot more than Lynn being on the lam to stop the Dead One from partying on-air. Celebrating the venerable Dead Jay's One Year Anniversary as toastmaster-deluxe at the KILLERWATT, tonight's program lines up songs like shots of oak aged nectar. Tasty! Happy anniversary, Retro SCOTTSO!

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