Monday, May 31, 2021


Night time DJ Vin CYCLONE, 1977, during the Great Blackout; operating the temporary studio console assembled in KLW's generator powered transmitter building, Signal Hill, Brooklyn.
Night time disc jockey Vin CYCLONE is back with more POWER per HOUR than any radio station in the tri state area.

Tonight, hear The Blackout Tapes, Part Two. In this episode, Bobby ROBERTO explains how he and Bob Grant had their privates "plaster-casted" one night at a party in LA. Plus, Chad goes out for a smoko with Vin, and it's not long before Mr. Rashmusher, (CEO of Conflamed Media Global, owner of the KILLERWATT,) makes it to the transmitter site after a mob looted and burned KLW's Manhattan studio -- all while Rashmusher was trying to take a leak in the studio's hidden executive bathroom! You can't make this stuff up! But it's all there on the aircheck tape recording of KLW, made on July 13, 1977, the "The Blackout of 1977." We're sending a copy to the Smithsonian!

Plus the Tokyo Triple! Three or more Japanese platters selected and introduced by CYCLONE himself. 

Feel free to send POWER HOUR and Tokyo Triple requests: Vin CYCLONE.


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