Friday, May 15, 2020

KLW's RadioWasted Roars From Rusty Fire Escape

KLW's Dave WASTED maintaining proper, civilized wine stem etiquette amid Corona distractions.


Be happy. Liquor stores are open. Delivery is guilt-free. Alcohol disinfects. 
In our B-movie sci-fi flick existence, where mere bandanas protect against invisible killers from Andromeda, these comforts are crucial. But one thing was missing: KLW the KILLERWATT.

Thanks to KILLERWATT jockey Dave WASTED for making a sneak preview aircheck available. The lives of New Yorkers as well as all locked-up radio connoisseurs around the globe are suddenly more complete. Booze, cold food in delivery tins, Lysol and KLW. Have a good weekend. And hold it together!

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