Thursday, September 10, 2020

The POWER HOUR Blasts Fully Blown

Vin CYCLONE heads for the broadcast microphonium

The POWER HOUR, KLW's overnight cavalcade of subliminal messages, comes with a guarantee: Your head will explode. Expect a sonic wedgie, too. What, more? You also get Vin CYCLONE's uncle's band, Cold Warrior phones-in from the Bronx, The Tokyo Triple, and stories of debauchery while clamoring through old New York night clubs.

We have more big news: Our resident announcer Bobby Roberto is at the mic in full-effect. We dig. Photo forthcoming.

For your discerning ear-sockets: A brand new aircheck of the first full length POWER HOUR, pulled from the ionosphere between the hours of 1-3AM, Nippon time. You're flyin' the overnight with Vin CYCLONE.

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