Friday, August 27, 2021

Noel Rigs the Popularity Contest

Noel at the Controls, (fourth from left) and friends, mugging in front of the antenna fire he caused while guest hosting at an undisclosed station. Photo: Chadwicke Burger.
The KILLERWATT can handle it. Other stations can't. Our radio jockeys are used to cranking-up, or overmodulating KLW's massive vacuum tube transmitter, built to last, maintained by fanatical masters of the dark art of transmitter engineering. Radio geeks put it this way: "KILLERWATT got headroom." That is, power to spare.

Not every station is so lucky. In 2015, Noel at the Controls was on-tour mixing live sound for an amazing bill of musical artists. During the sound check a local radio jockey who we won't name offered a guest-host shift late-night after the gig. Noel immediately accepted; his on-tour hiatus from the KILLERWATT left him jonesing for air time. 

Noel rang up KLW's Engineering Department on Signal Hill and asked transmitter hot rodder Chad Burger to fly out to the venue and see if he can "enlouden" the local radio station in time for Noel's guest program. The result is documented by the image above.

On tonight's program, Noel rigs his own popularity contest by playing songs that couldn't be more popular. Everybody with a radio wins. Click the link above to be part of it.

Interested in joining the KILLERWATT's cracked team of radio fanatics? Info here.

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