Monday, December 5, 2022

Scrooge Makes MIXTAPES

Melissa racking tape in KLW's Signal Hill Brooklyn memorial Studio SCOTTSO.

All your mixtapes jammed?! Not coordinated enough to spool-up spilled polyester? Hey, Melissa's got yer mixtape, ova heere.... Direct from the KILLERWATT, New York's radio beacon on the silver and gold plated, viscous shores of the Gowanus Canal

Oh, and this...Screw your holiday drive through Dyker Heights to see the lights! Signal Hill, Brooklyn never looked, smelled, nor sounded better. Steal a kayak and pack a transistor radio. Happy holidays, you freaks.

Requests welcome in the comments below.

#Elastica #BushTetras #Anthrax #NineInchNails #Yaz

Interested in joining KLW's cracked team of radio fanatics? Info here.

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