Tuesday, December 15, 2020

CYCLONE's Stash Satisfies Guilty Pleasures

KLW night-time disc jockey Vin CYCLONE trips while taking a selfie in front of the KILLERWATT's auxiliary transmitter site in Alpine New Jersey. in 2011. He was preparing to climb the tower to install a backup antenna system, however he stubbed his toe while taking the photo. KLW Engineer Chad Burger eventually made the climb.

The Power Hour satisfies seventy seven guilty pleasures per listener hour, according to recent Nielsen Audio (formerly Arbitron) ratings statistics. No wonder. Vin CYCLONE's cache of physical musical ear candy packs the penthouse loft of Tokyo's Mori Tower solid. Sure, it would digitize nicely onto a thumb drive, but you need something to impress the kids. Every single wee-hour coffee break, night-time disc jockey CYCLONE browses the stash and instinctively grabs something that makes the next segue super brill. He prefers to call his musical selection process "destiny," rather than attributing it to forethought and sober planning.

A brand new Tokyo Triple features prominently in tonight's broadcast. Featured artists include: Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, ROSSO, BAND-MAID, Seiko Oomori, and Mariya Takeuchi. A musical gourmand could only say, "Itedakimasu!"

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