Monday, December 21, 2020

Retro SCOTTSO Thaws Frostbitten Cockles

Smokes 'n' scotch 'n' snow. And KLW. Your holiday nights need not be silent.

Christmas Eve, by the fire. But the night's not gonna be so silent. Drag out your vintage 1989 JVC RC-M90 boombox. Merrily pop-in the required 37 D cells. Flick the switch then top off your whisky tumbler. Crank it up. Retro SCOTTSO is your kinda Santa. Here's to us!

The show features a new flick review from KLW's time traveling reviewer, Mike Ford. Tonight, Mike barely escapes the clutches of Times Square's crazy preacher lady by ducking into the Automat, selecting a sando, then sneaking in the Loews through the out door to screen Dog Day Afternoon.

The KILLERWATT proudly welcomes our new sponsor, Elke Van Dyke Design. Visit their Bryant Park holiday shop for elegant gifts made with an anti-conformist sentiment.


  1. Season's Greetings! Two hours of the best holiday cheer I've had! Raise a glass, indeed! Here's to more great radio in 2021.

    1. Retro.Scottso@aol.comDecember 28, 2020 at 4:20 PM

      Thanks for your support, GuitarSolo. Hope to catch ya next time!

  2. Retro.Scottso@aol.comDecember 24, 2020 at 12:08 PM

    Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for all your support everyone! Check out my next program for a different kind of triple. Keep it locked on KLW the KILLERWATT for great shows from Vin Cyclone and Dave Wasted as well. All the best, Retro Scottso