Saturday, January 16, 2021

Retro SCOTTSO's Thunder Rocks Down Under

KLW's Retro SCOTTSO, now heard worldwide, even in Kookaburra.

Retro SCOTTSO is now heard loud and clear in Australia! Thanks to KLW's Chief Engineer Sid Walker and Transmitter Specialist Chad Burger, the dead-jay's croaky gravitas now dominates the Aussie soundscape, even drowning out high decibel mating calls of the Common Bushtail Possum, formerly the most prominent ear-sore heard across Oceania. 

This week, Retro SCOTTSO lays down another spectacular triple-plus segment celebrating the station's penetration into Aussieland, "Thunder From Down Under." If three perfect cuts in a row is good, more should be better. So line 'em up, you old innkeeper of the airwaves! Cheers big ears, mate!

Retro SCOTTSO fan clubs are sprouting up in towns all over Oz reporting excellent signal strength and quality; but most gratifyingly, an appreciation for the depth (6 feet) of musical perspective only Retro SCOTTSO can provide.

Click the SoundCloud player above to listen and be impressed!

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