Sunday, March 14, 2021

Everything in the World Is About Sex...Except Sex. Sex? It's About the POWER HOUR.

The remains of KLW's studio in Manhattan one day after the Great Blackout and riots of 1977.
This week the KILLERWATT's night time disc jockey Vin CYCLONE plays it for reals, presenting all sorts of surprises and of course ear candy galore.

Aircheck tapes of KLW have surfaced made by a listener from Battle Creek Michigan on July 13, 1977, "The Blackout of 1977." The hobbyist's recording documents the KILLERWATT cobbling together a studio at the generator powered transmitter site on Signal Hill, Brooklyn. The station's Manhattan studio was looted then set afire. Hear the first installment of "The BLACKOUT TAPES" featuring CYCLONE and "Voice of the KILLERWATT" Bobby ROBERTO tonight, on the POWER HOUR.

Plus an all new Tokyo Triple featuring the best of the new and old out of Nippon, including some requests from Japanese fans of night-time radio DXing.

POWER HOUR... a cavalcade of subliminal messages to tweak your forlorn ears!

Feel free to send requests.