Sunday, October 3, 2021

SCOTTSO Shills Serious Swill

KLW's Retro SCOTTSO shills only the best swill, all for the sake of commercial radio.

Some endorsements are, let's be honest, fake. But when KILLERWATT's venerable dead-jay Retro SCOTTSO airs a commercial for Death Wish Coffee, you can rest assured the station's Bunn-O-Matic is locked and loaded 24-7 percolating the World's Strongest brew. It's what the station runs on. That and electricity, whisky, cigarettes, beer, vacuum tubes and hot air. Need proof? Take a whiff anywhere near Signal Hill, Brooklyn. A perfume of strong coffee and ozone from arcing radio equipment permeates the Superfund site known as the Gowanus Canal. Intoxicating!

However, your favorite DJ is not in Brooklyn at the moment. Tonight, SCOTTSO broadcasts direct from the Akihabara district of Tokyo, where coffee is kohee, and many fine whiskys can be had in tiny bars scattered like a trail of cherry blossoms leading to and from the Akihabara Radio Center and the legendary broadcaster's hotel. Expect a wobbly team-broadcast from SCOTTSO and Tokyo resident CYCLONE in the near future.

Let's not forget tonight's all new Things From Indie, getting you clued-in to essential artists unheard until now. Ear-opening!

Send requests in the comments below. Indie bands should contact Retro SCOTTSO here

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