Sunday, October 10, 2021

WASTED Lets Night Come Knockin'

Rikk Chips (L) and Dave WASTED ventilating KLW's smoke-filled transmitter room with a few record library grabs. They only ended up fanning the flames of Chief Engineer Sid Walker's wrath. No smoko-breaks anywhere near the vintage transmitter's clean room. Talk about radio drama!

Occasionally, an escapee from Bellevue will come knocking on our FCC mandated secure entry doors. Transients, urban explorers, ham radio aficionados, broadcast historians ... and sometimes, when the moon is hardly a sliver and a strange mist floats just above the swamp, tar-coated creatures from the black Gowanus lagoon show up. You wouldn't think the KILLERWATT's rugged, highly toxic transmitter site on Signal Hill would attract anyone other than dead-ender broadcast types. But ... yes.

Tonight, Super Jockey Dave WASTED heard the door buzz and reflexively let in the night. And just like that, guest co-host Rikk CHIPS is on-mic selecting sonic gems for your enjoyment. Brilliant!

Plus, Dave premieres The Blackout Tapes Episode 3: Rashmusher's Delight!

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