Friday, April 1, 2022

April Fools Eviction Not Funky

We wish it was another media hoax. Sadly, true.

Vin CYCLONE tells you how he got ripped off in the 80s. What a memory! Then, without missing a beat, he spins badass sounds that'll turn your long drive down the eternal, dark, desert highway into an epiphany. He wrote that last thing about the desert on a note, handed it to us, and made us write it on the blog post. FYI.

Plus a delicious Tokyo Triple. Find out about Eve and other utaite singers here. 

Chad and Vin got delectable udon (noodle soup) delivery from Maruka Udon in Jinbocho. Git some! 

Interested in joining the KILLERWATT's cracked team of radio fanatics? Info here. 

Feel free to send POWER HOUR and Tokyo Triple requests in the comments below or by email.



  1. Vin
    the segue to Curtis is awesome....well, any segue to Curtis is awesome

    1. Very gratified to know you liked it! Though, you're right, how could I go wrong with that material? :)