Saturday, August 13, 2022

Five Easy Reese's

Barraza, Lucas. Lowrider. (2022). [Digital].

Are you a flick fanatic? Enjoy time travel in back of a fourth dimensional cosmic space-time lowrider Uber? Crave simple movie snacks from happier times? Well then, Mike FORD's KILLERWATT Cosmic Drive-In Theater is right up your alley.


Tonight's KILLERWATT Cosmic Drive-In Theater presents: Five Easy Reese's: Mike travels back to a hipster revival drive-in theater in rural Pennsylvania, circa 2022. There, Mike and his driver try to get what they want at the concession counter, but like Jack Nicholson in Five Easy Pieces, they were back in the car toot sweet.


The Players:

Time Traveling Flick Fanatic: Mike FORD

Space-time Uber Driver: Brian LINDGREN

Drive-in Concession Clerk: Elke VAN DYKE

Voice Over of God: Bobby ROBERTO

Bass Guitar: Bobby ROBERTO

Frying Pan: Vin CYCLONE


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