Friday, August 19, 2022

Vin CYCLONE Sups a Salaryman Special Al Fresco

Onigiri gingerly caressed by KILLERWATT night time DJ, Vin CYCLONE

Dine al fresco tonight. You'll have good company. KILLERWATT night-time DJ Vin CYCLONE and Engineer Chad Burger are gonna hit up a Tokyo 7-Eleven for some onigiri, just like drunken salarymen on Friday nights. Well, they ARE drunken salarymen, and this IS Friday Night! Then it's off to several micro-tiny super-subminiature whiskey bars...yes, you're invited. Click the player above.

What goes with onigiri, fine whiskey, crowded Tokyo alleys and revelry? Funky music plus an all new, insanely great TOKYO TRIPLE...three or more Japanese platters presented by Tokyo's Loudest DJ, Vin CYCLONE. 

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  1. Stardust is MY favorite song!! 💕💕

    1. Who could leave it off their "favorites" list?! Actually, these days I bet a lot of people never heard it. Thanks for listening anonymous person. :) 👍