Tuesday, October 18, 2022

The Professor Plugs-in

The Professor plugs-in at KLW's Signal Hill antenna-farm during annual harvest/BBQ/music festival.

Radiation hazard be damned! Retro SCOTTSO's got your jams. The Dead Professor swears on a stack of dead presidents, he'll never broadcast from home, like most so-called radio jockeys do today. Nah. SCOTTSO is on the radio, and that means in front of a microphone, fifteen feet away from KILLERWATT's antique, all vacuum tube, water cooled, Westinghouse transmitting behemoth!

Plus, by popular demand, Things From Indie: Independent artists picked by the Dead-Jay himself. Scottso's got you clued-in!

Send requests in the comments below. Indie bands should contact Retro SCOTTSO here

Interested in joining KLW's cracked team of radio fanatics? Info here.

#TheSmithereens #Halestorm #BillyIdol #ThePrettyReckless

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