Sunday, April 2, 2023

Skid Row SCOTTSO Survives

SCOTTSO poses in front of Scottso Records on San Pedro Street in the heart of Skid Row, Los Angeles.

From looking at him, you might not think this craggy old radio disc jockey is a good businessman, and you'd be right. In 2001, Retro SCOTTSO bought-out a famous record store chain. He couldn’t wait to slap his own moniker across the marquee on every store, coast to coast. And that’s when the music business fully collapsed. Did he drive the final nail into the coffin of record industry oblivion? Hmmm…. In the aftermath, SCOTTSO didn’t sell-out low. He just hung in there, resolute. Vinyl and CDs remained in fully stocked bins. A trip to SCOTTSO Records was like visiting a chain-museum of tangible rock and roll. Nothing changed, to this day. Except for the fact that your favorite Disc Jockey Emeritus passed away in 2004, when his estate liquidated the chain save for one location, SCOTTSO Records on San Pedro St., in the heart of Skid Row, Los Angeles.

ou can still earn a free poster or bong, or a yellowy, faded issue of Melody Maker when your points card has enough hole punches.

But we digress...tonight, as an added bonus, you get a crisp, new Things From Indie. Click the player above.

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