Saturday, April 29, 2023


Always in Control, always prepared, NOEL dines alfresco on NYC's safe streets.

In New York City, you gotta grab your grub when and where opportunity arises. But things can get spicy at a street-side table. Three minutes prior to this photo being snapped, a psychotic individual burst out of Walgreens and began breaking ketchup bottles taken from this restaurant's outdoor seating area, over his own head! Unperturbed, NOEL at the Controls snapped into action, offering an alternative to the madman, now smothered in Heinz' best condiment. NOEL reached into his radio go-bag and pulled out a plastic squeeze bottle of KILLERWATT Kaliente, KLW's branded promotional hot sauce. "Here, use this instead," said NOEL. The maniac switched condiments without hesitation, only for an instant acknowledging the cushiony, "concussion-resistant" plastic bottle, "Thanks, man!" "I take it everywhere I travel, just in case," said Noel. Well, guess what? The madman moved on, relaxed, placid, peacefully. But upon reaching the next restaurant, trendy health food establishment "Bill's Big Beets," he squirted a healthy stream of KILLERWATT Kaliente on the heads of every diner seated outside. Hot sauce shampoo!

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