Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Retro SCOTTSO Re-Gifts a Mother-Load of Songs

Retro SCOTTSO sports the t-shirt he printed-up himself.

KLW's Retro SCOTTSO's got a mother-load of holiday cheer. Maybe too much "cheer." Honestly, we couldn't understand why the venerable Dead-Jay's holiday program isn't much of a Christmas slosh fest, but rather a shout-out to mommies dearest and otherwise. Confused, we consulted the KILLERWATT's resident psychologist, Dr. Aakash Balasubramanian, host of "Swinging with the Balasubramanians" (Sundays, 5-7AM,) who informed us that, "Mr. SCOTTSO apparently suffers from seasonal affective disorder, stemming from a separation anxiety disorder. In layman's terms, Mr. SCOTTSO substituted holiday blues with mother issues. An interesting case. From a clinical perspective. Especially considering he's not really alive." There ya go!

Now that we got that cleared up, we can enjoy Retro SCOTTSO's usual beautifully curated and presented music program!

Oh, and not to forget, another prescient edition of Things From Indie. Get clued-in to new bands before they break!

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  1. Great show -- a welcome break from the **other** holiday music that's been flooding the airwaves.