Monday, December 13, 2021

CYCLONE Bumps Deep Into the Night

KLW's Mr. Experience, Vin CYCLONE, appearing in a 1990 print ad for the one and only, SONY.

Vin CYCLONE's your boogie man. He's got the soundtrack to your dark, treacherous, lawless night. But that's not all. There's KLW's new contest, KILLERWATT KA$H. Play along. Write your answer in the comments below to win big-yen just in time for the holidays!

Then there's the Blackout Tapes Part Three...Plus an all new Tokyo Triple you gotta hear.

Find out what kind of okonomiyaki delivery Chad and Vin eat from restaurant Kizi.

Interested in joining the KILLERWATT's cracked team of radio fanatics? Info here.

Feel free to send POWER HOUR and Tokyo Triple requests in the comments below or by email.



  1. Great mix of songs and musical genres. I'd say it makes me nostalgic for the golden days of radio, but I don't know if radio has ever been this good. Keep up the fine work, Mr. Cyclone!