Saturday, April 13, 2024


NOEL fronting NOEL Ford and the Fanatics featuring the back-line from hell, L-R: Dave WASTED, Vin CYCLONE and Bingo Sanatra. Not pictured: Walt STACK and Adam Tese. One helluva night.

NOEL's gonna control your acoustic environs for the next couple of hours. As KILLERWATT resident announcer Bobby ROBERTO says: "Relinquish's NOEL." So click the player above, close your eyes, and picture yourself enjoying a rock n roll brunch,* luxuriating, on the viscous shores of the Gowanus Canal -- home of the KILLERWATT!

*Double scramble egg on a roll with cheddar. And kawfee!

Interested in joining KLW's cracked team of radio fanatics? Info here.

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