Sunday, May 16, 2021

WASTED Brings Brunch Basket to Knife Fight

L-R, KLW Superjockey Dave WASTED; Toddi Distraughti from Distraught and Thought Crime; Rikki Chips from Rotter, Miscegenator, X-Possibles and Hymen Holocaust...Brunch in the park, anyone?

We've had some transmitter problems, but KLW is back on the air, thanks to our long suffering engineering staff. Thank you, Sid and crew. Even though you only understand vacuum tube technology from the 1930s, we're all grateful! And thanks to the KILLERWATT's Superjockey Dave WASTED. He is bringing rock and roll greatness back to New York Shitty. Much appreciated!

On today's Radio WASTED: FIDLAR, Murphy's Law, Gallows, Dwarves, Civic, Idles, Gustaf, Mad Mulligans, Blackout Shoppers, Black Flag, The Blackout Tapes, Circle Jerks, Sheer Terror, The Kinks...and MORE.

Cranked in the park, L-R, Mr. WASTED; Rob from Caught In A Trap and Sped; David Selwitz; Chris Callous from The Basicks, Sped, Animale.

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